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The fundamental building blocks of the engineering practice is the utilisation of design and analytical skills to resolve technical problems.  This can be extrapolated across all engineering disciplines and differentiates the engineering practice from other professions in that our applied knowledge leads to the creation of physical infrastructure which ultimately contributes to society.

Having worked on a number of significantly large projects, we have learnt that many difficulties arising from uncertainty on these projects, were effectively dealt with through the application of innovative design and rigorous analysis.

When in 2016 we decided to start this practice, we considered all of the different aspects associated with Engineering and the services we offer our clients as engineers.  When distilled down, we found that most of our clients either requires us to design something for them or have asked us to conduct an analysis to assist them with their internal decision making processes.

Concentrating on these two aspects, and given the experiences we have gained working for large multinational engineering consultancies, we were drawn towards the natural principle of improvement through elimination.  The idea of eliminating unnecessary distractions within the corporate environment to allow undivided focus on the efficient delivery of services to clients.  This concept served as the catalyst for naming the practice Design and Analysis or D+A for short.

The focus therefore is on meeting client needs and expectations in a manner that is not convoluted in the provision of services and clear in its intent. As such, we prefer not to consider ourselves as consultants but rather engineers providing professional engineering services.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a rewarding experience in dealing with us and through our skills and experience add value to our client’s ventures and provide surety of outcome through robust and reliable engineering.  As such we have invested heavily in the development of engineering processes and technology which enable our engineers to efficiently deliver projects and services to the highest quality.

Thus, if you need anything designed or need someone to conduct an engineering analysis, please give us a call.

Our Values

Having successfully freed ourselves from the constraints of corporate red tape, we have naturally gravitated towards the following values:

  • Professional - Our conduct is professional and we adhere to the highest ethical values demanded by the engineering profession within which we serve.
  • Ownership - We take ownership of the work we do in response to the responsibility bestowed on us by our clients.
  • Add Value - We continuously evaluate whether our actions add value to our client’s ventures and refocus our effort accordingly
  • Be Useful - We aim to be proactive in the provision of our services to ensure that our deliverables are useful and meet our client’s expectations.

Safety in Design

We view legislation and industry codes of practice as the minimum standard in terms of safety for our clients and their employees and stakeholders.  Our primary concern is the development of safe designs which reduce risk exposure during the full design life cycle of the assets we are designing.  Again, drawing on our vision of improvement through elimination, we continuously seek means to eliminate hazards and safety risks through designs which would allow innovative construction methodologies, safe maintenance practices and reduced risk during asset retirement.

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Design and Analysis civil engineering, Perth
Design and Analysis civil engineering, Perth
Design and Analysis civil engineering, Perth
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