Specialist Analysis

Specialist Analysis

D&A engineers share a passion for engineering and a strong appetite for challenging, technical structural engineering problems

D&A invests in the latest technologies, tools, thinking and approaches available to develop, analyse, assess, or design potential or existing structures for our clients.

This range of technology includes using the latest digital analysis software to create complex scenario assessments, such as modelling potential loading capacities, performing stress and fatigue assessments, or creating full detailed designs.

D&A also uses drones to perform structural site inspections, capturing visual information on large existing structures to enhance our assessment and reporting capabilities.

Our investment in technology, coupled with our focus on continuous improvement provides D&A engineers with the creative space they need to fulfill a range of innovative quality driven outcomes. Examples include recommending structural improvements for load capacities, developing value added proposals, or creating cost-saving alternative options – depending on individual client needs and expectations.

Our specialist analysis services include:

  • Load ratings
  • Strength analysis
  • Risk and reliability analysis
  • Ultimate strength analysis
  • Design compliance investigations
  • Fatigue and design life investigations