Asset Retention

Our Approach

Aging physical infrastructure pose significant challenges to owners, operators and government authorities.  Understanding and quantifying risk associated with the integrity of critical infrastructure elements are often paramount to the decision making process on whether assets should be retained, strengthened, remediated or demolished and replaced.

D+A has significant experience in assisting clients with the technical and economic evaluation of their assets.  We have invested heavily in research and the development of algorithms to allow the determination of the probability of limit state violation of structural systems.  Our advanced non-linear analyses allow us to determine the reliability index associated with structures in keeping with recognised industry standards such as AS 5104 and ISO AS 13822.  Our experience in the remediation of reinforce concrete and steel structures enables us to develop maintenance plans to allow efficient application of funding to maintain an acceptable level of risk.  Basically, we can work out when to do what in the most efficient way to ensure compliance with regulatory and industry codes of practice.

We appreciate the impact our work has on ensuring production and operation of infrastructure continue unabated.  Our quantitative risk based approach based on physical testing and rigorous analysis allows us to exploit structural redundancy and robustness inherent in structures designed in keeping with commonly referenced design standards.  This in turn allow us to minimise remedial works with associated reduced effort during shut-downs.

Our process therefore allows all stakeholders to understand their risk exposure and the probability of failure thus resulting in informed decision making which ultimately leads to the efficient application of funding.

What We Do

  • Condition assessments including non-destructive and destructive testing
  • Qualitative Risk Assessments
  • Remediation and strengthening design for reinforced concrete, post tensioned concrete and structural steel.
  • Brownfield modification design or retrofitting
  • Structural reliability studies and expected design life estimates
  • In-situ testing including Non Destructive Testing

Complimentary Services

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Soil-Structure Interaction Modelling
  • Structural Dynamics including seismic analyses
  • Fatigue assessment and design life estimates
  • Design compliance investigations
  • Robustness Assessments
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Design and Analysis civil engineering, Perth
Design and Analysis civil engineering, Perth
Design and Analysis civil engineering, Perth
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