Construction Support

Our Approach

Having been involved in the construction of numerous projects whether as part of a contractor’s construction team, designer, verifier or certifier, D+A has a thorough appreciation of the competing demands and complexities faced by contractors and clients during the construction and fabrication phase of projects.  Dealing with issues on site effectively and decisively is pivotal to the successful outcome of any project and could affect the asset’s performance over its intended design life.

Construction phase issues can arise unexpectedly and suddenly leading to potential delays on site.  Drawing on D+A’s core values, we are often called on to rapidly provide design guidance or verification of contractor’s alternative designs.  D+A’s experience and extensive in-house developed design and analysis tools allow accurate and efficient assessments of queries from site.

D+A have also assisted clients with planning and design services associated with construction of infrastructure projects.  We often design temporary works, assess construction staging and assist in the development of alternative designs.

What We Do

  • Compliance verification and proof engineering
  • Alternative design development
  • Temporary works design
  • Detailed design of specialist construction techniques such as incrementally launched bridges and bridge slides
  • Construction staging assessments and analysis

Complimentary Services

  • Bridge and Structural Engineering
  • Site inspections and design certification
  • Construction monitoring
  • Finite Element Analysis
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Design and Analysis civil engineering, Perth
Design and Analysis civil engineering, Perth
Design and Analysis civil engineering, Perth
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