Collie River Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Options and Detailed Design

Project Date: August 2020
Client: Fortec / Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
Project Type: Civil & Infrastructure
Location: Collie, WA
Categories: Detailed Bridge Design
Project Description:

Design & Analysis developed the detailed design for the Collie River Pedestrian Suspension bridge for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

The final tension ribbon bridge design not only complied with Australian Standards and the RFQ requirements, but also provided an engineering solution designed to minimize impacts on the natural surrounds and maximized user experience whilst also reducing environmental risk during construction and maintenance.

The cultural significance of the bridge location was also of particularly importance. The final low profile, hovering suspension bridge design amplify the environmental experience, rather than standing out as a monumental disturbance. The modules used to form the bridge also draw inspiration from cultural influence in the area by shaping the bridge modules as traditional Indigenous objects. The appearance of the threaded standard shaped modules also give recognition to Indigenous Dot Art with the appearance of some artistic dot art presented on the balustrade verticals of each module.

Material used throughout the bridge modules was weathering steel, stainless steel handrailing and stainless-steel wired mesh panels. Weathering steel darkens o,ver the first 2-5 years to develop a deep brown patina which will be more recessive when viewed from a distance. It is also non-reflective, helping break up the “massing” of elements when viewed from an acute angle.

Weathering steel also reduces future maintenance in that scratched surfaces simply self-correct through the ongoing oxidization process.

Project Scope:
  • Provided two bridge design options to the constructor for the tender phase
  • Subsequently engaged to provide detailed design on contract award
  • Tension Ribbon Bridge design compliant with Australian Standards and minimized impact on bushland during construction
  • Construction support.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions awarded the design and construction contract to Fortec, incorporating Design & Analysis’s stunning tension ribbon bridge design over the Collie River.